1.0 About these rules and Dunk

1.0 About these rules and Dunk

Dunk is a Play-By-Mail game designed and programmed by Henrik "Hedda" Wallin. Information about Dunk is available from http://www.xnetz.com/dunk/

In Dunk you are the leader of a kingdom in a fantasy world. In the beginning of the game, your kingdom is at stone-age level. Therefore it is not possible to build up your power with towns and mines. But after a while, the game becomes more complex thanks to the new technologies that your people discover.

It is very important to have good relations with other kingdoms to avoid wars that can be devastating and to trade. It is also important to develop your kingdom by building things and developing new technologies. To build new towns is often much more profitable than starting a dreadful conquest.

These rules are not made to be read from the beginning to the end. Instead the goal has been to make them easy to use as a reference guide and to make it easy for beginners to write their first orders without knowing much of the mechanisms in the game.

The chapter names, perhaps, say it all but this is important to point out:
2.0 Introduction to Dunk must be read to understand the rest of the rules.
Always read 5.0 Sequence of actions very carefully and think about what this means for your orders.
8.0 Technologies may be fun to read, but use this chapter more as a reference.

Refer to 18.0 change-log for the latest changes in these rules.

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