13.0 Pestilence and other cosy things

13.0 Pestilence and other cosy things

Plagues often torment the mortal races. Sometimes pestilence will be your worst enemy. And that is not enough, many other disasters will bring havoc to your kingdom.

13.1 Pestilence

A plague is described by two numbers. The first is the mortality of the plague and the second is how contagious it is. Very deadly plagues only wipe out the population in the province they appear in, but very contagious and not so deadly plagues may be a disaster.

To stop plagues you can use burn or plunder or just wait it out. Plagues are seldom spread between different races and never spread between ducks and other races.

Except for that, plagues are spread between provinces, between provinces and armies and between provinces and towns. If a province population is killed, all villages in the province also disappear. If a town is wiped out, its town_guard also vanishs.

Provinces with plague do not pay any taxes and sick armies fight only with 1/8 of their normal strength.

The races have different tolerance against plagues, see 10.0 The races and type of leaders.

13.2 Other trouble

Structures that you build can often suddenly go into pieces. Most common are fires that obliterate an entire town, but irrigations, roads and mines also become unusable sometimes.

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