15.0 Tactics and strategy

15.0 Tactics and strategy

Here are some tips regarding how to become a successful Dunk player. Or at least some tips to avoid being an idiot.

About wars

Wars are very expensive in Dunk. It may seem cheap to buy 10 armies as an orc. But then you see that they cost 3 gold each to support and most of them are in provinces which they can not plunder. Therefore it is important to only make war when you have something to gain.

Here are some examples of when war is a very bad idea:

And some examples of when war is a good idea.

But make sure to end the war quickly. Otherwise you will end up far behind other kingdoms. The evil orc-kingdom may have occupied five of your land-provinces, but if you just defend yourself, they will not continue into the forest or mountain.

About diplomacy

It is not only important to get many friends, but also to handle you enemies in a good way. If you strike them in an "honourable" way, it will be easier to make peace with them and to explain your aggression to your allies.

Try these explanations in your ears:

Especially the last explanations says "Afterwards, when I have grown stronger, I will attack you.". This will make even very loyal allies sending some technologies to the attacked kingdom...

Sending technologies to a kingdom that surely will die is often a good idea. This will keep the war's winners busy a little longer. Sometimes even gold may be a good idea. Why not send 20 gold to the poor orc-kingdom and thus creating things that will cost over 60 gold for your enemy-in-the-future to eliminate?


Always try get get as many technologies as you can. Even if you have no use of some of them, you can trade them with other kingdoms. Just be aware that the value of technologies vary and the cost to develop a technology is in no way correlated with its value.

Read the description of the technology and set your own price!

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