17.0 Dunk etiquette and winning

17.0 Dunk etiquette and winning

This chapter explains how you are expected to play Dunk. If you do not follow these advices you will be kicked out.


As it is now, only one player wins in each campaign. 10 players joining up against the rest and wipe them out and then end the campaign is no fun at all. To support the winning team with your little pathetic kingdom instead of joining the glorious fight of their enemies is bad boring chicken-play. No-one will thank you for being loyal to the alliance, it is just boring. Fight to win, there is always a little chance to win as long as there are more than 2 players left! If not, give up and let the remaining kingdoms have fun.

The kingdom who has the biggest net income plus cost for its army is considered winner. That is:
(Gold from towns) + (income from mines and provinces minus structures) - (administration cost)
This means that you do not win thanks to a lot of gold or many provinces. However, there are a few secundary winning possibilities and they are greatest income per province, most provinces, most technologies and greatest towns.

Quiting campaigns

It is always bad to quit campaigns, but sometimes life and other bad things attacks you and you have no other choice. This is how you should do it. This is suggestions in order best-solution-at-top:


Only trade inside the campaign. Trades involving other campaigns, chocolate or just being friendly is not allowed. Tell the Dunkmaster if anything like this comes up and death will be quick and painful for the sinner.

Being nice

It is OK to be rude and aggressive in you diplomacy with other players if you think that will help your kingdom. But do not become a pain in the ass!


It should be obvious, but sometimes players are blind, that it is not OK to try to get Dunk-information by figuring out players passwords or reading files that you should not read. These actions will not only kick you out from Dunk, it can also lead to legal actions, cut off you Internet access and so on. Some examples:

Helping you allied

It is OK to send in orders for allied players that are away for awhile. But no longer than 4 turns, after that the player should quit.


Do not ally with all your friends! It is much more fun to ally with unknown people and kick your friends butts.

Many players by one player

One human player is only allowed to be registred as one Dunk-player.


So all your neighbours attacked you right from start and you did not have a chance? Things like this happen. Do not be angry, at least your death was quick. Try a new campaign and do the same evil thing against someone to make you feel better...


It always feels good to support your former enemies with technologies and provinces after your allies have attacked you. Therefore it is allowed. Revenge in another campaign is bad.

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