18.0 Change-log

18.0 Change-log

This is a change-log for these rules. Newest things at top:

Version 0.35

2001-05-07 LOG: New rules for campaigns with number 20 and above. Orc plunder now gives the same as other races plunder. Town guards can no longer plunder. Older campaigns are as before.

Version 0.34

2001-02-25 LOG: The technology sky_worms can now be discovered by other kingdoms than elven kingdoms if they possess elf_lore. Version 0.33

2000-12-16 LOG: The order move is better described and the move orders wait and unclimb are added.

Version 0.32

2000-11-9 LOG: The technology fishing_nets now gives 2 extra income from water provinces. It has always been like this, but the rules have been wrong for a while...

Version 0.31

2000-10-14 LOG: More rumours are added to the reports and this is explained in 14.6 About the rumours.

Version 0.30

2000-10-06 LOG: Armies now desert if you do not have any gold. 7.4 Expenditure for armies and 5.0 Sequence of actions are updated.

Some minor language bugs and address-bugs are corrected.

Version 0.29


2000-08-30 Dwarves no longer get the technologi iron at start. This was never mentioned in the rules.

Version 0.28


2000-04-10 The technology mission now only make it possible to incorpurate 4 provinces. Burn is not always possible, especially for small kingdoms. Give_province occur later in the turn.

Version 0.27


2000-04-01 Armies can move at higg speed in allied land and this is written in 5.0 Sequence of actions.

Version 0.26


2000-03-21 The chapter Dunk etiquette is added.

Version 0.25


2000-03-19 Army_to_village is no longer possible in enemy or allied land.

Version 0.24


1999-11-04 The technology teleport is added.

Version 0.23


1999-10-01 A few more things about unpopulated provinces and pestilence in 14.3 Tables of disasters. And burn is said to remove pestilence too.

Version 0.22


1999-10-01 Cost for crime added in chapter 14.1.

Version 0.21


1999-09-25 Every turn and next turn added.

Version 0.20


1999-09-01 The techs frigates and knights added.

Some typos fixed.

Version 0.19


1999-08-15 The risks that troll armies do something stupid added in 14.2.

Remove army, village and town added in 4.3 Standard orders.

Some other small adjustments.

Version 0.18


1999-07-19 A lot of small changes and the chapter 10.8 About the type of leaders added.

Version 0.17


1999-05-26 The order develop_protection added.

The modifications for armies killed by arrows added in 14.0.

Version 0.16


1999-05-26 The description about income from towns in 14.0 updated.

Plunder all added.

Set_map_email added.

set_ascii added.

Version 0.15


1999-05-17 14.2 War tables updated.

Version 0.14


1999-03-08 "All missions occur before any provinces are given." Added in 5.0 Sequence of actions.

Version 0.13


1999-02-02 Lowered defence-bonuses for all races in forests. And lowered ducks and elven terrain-bonuses.

Version 0.12


1998-12-15 Removed everything that has to do with caravans and added the new description of trade.

Version 0.11


1998-12-02 Updated the tables for the new lowered values for catastrophes, rebellions and plagues.

1998-12-02 Added some examples and tactical tips.

Version 0.10


1998-11-06 The technology protection is added and a table for it in 14.4 Tables of magic and priest rituals.

Version 0.9


1998-10-20 write_tech now accepts any technology.

Version 0.8


1998-10-20 The risk to fail healing for priests is now described in chapter 14.4.

1998-10-20 The description of how to get all technologies is added in 8.0 Technologies. Links between the technologies are added.

1998-10-19 The description of how to use \ to continue lines is added in Chapter 3.2.

Version 0.7


1998-10-02 The order supply is added in the description of the technology towns.

Version 0.6


1998-09-30 The table about stealing techs is added in 14.5.

Version 0.5


1998-09-30 The order give_tech now accepts "all" as a technology.

1998-09-30 The technology food_industry now gives max(production, 10+(production-10)*2) food.

1998-09-29 The order worldpeace added.

Version 0.4


1998-09-18 This change-log is moved to this chapter.

Version 0.3


1998-09-16 ass, eas ... in 6.4 added.

1998-09-14 The tech food_industry added.

1998-09-14 3.4 about gif added.

Version 0.2


1998-08-31 3.3 How to read your kingdom report added.

Version 0.1



Some new tables added in chapter 14.


"begin letter"-explanation removed, because it should not be used by any other than Dunkmaster.

Avoid $$$$$$$$$$$$ in letters to Dunk.

Totally rewritten rules and translated into bad English.

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