3.0 How to play Dunk

3.0 How to play Dunk

In this chapter all the practical things about how to play Dunk are described, how to send in you orders and what a moron you are if you send questions to Dunkmaster to the dunk-address.

3.1 Deadline

Never forget a deadline! Do not be afraid to send some preliminary orders at once, because you can always send new orders and only the last ones are used.

3.2 How to give your kingdom orders

There are two ways to give your kingdom orders. You can either use the web interface or send the orders as an email. Using the web interface should be very easy. The only things you need to know is:

Orders format

An order is written on one line. If there is a > in the beginning of a line the whole line is ignored by Dunk.

If you want to write very long lines that your program does not accept, just write \ in the end of the line you want to continue or \ in the beginning of the next line.

You can never delete orders that you have sent in, but you can replace them with new ones.

Sending orders via email

At present Dunk can be reached at dunk@xnetz.com. Emails to this address are not read by any human and Dunk may read even email not supposed to be orders as orders and do very nasty things to your kingdom.

As subject of your email with orders you should give your campaign number, or else you have to write:

campaign (number)
in the beginning of the email.

Then you paste in the orders sheet. But make sure to spell your kingdom name correctly. The orders always start with

begin orders (kingdom name) (turn number) (version number)
and end with
end orders (password)
If you manage to figure out some other players password you can send orders for that kingdom, but Dunkmaster will see if you try something like this and you will be kicked out and never be able to enter a Dunk-game or many other PBM-games afterwards.

If you already have sent in orders, but want to send in some orders just for fun or something, you can write

begin test (kingdom name) 
instead of begin orders. These orders will not be saved or used. end orders (password) is still required.

The turn and version number is a way to be sure that mails that get delayed for some days somewhere not suddenly become your current orders. They are both optional.

If you do not receive an automagically generated answer to your orders within a few minutes, always contact Dunkmaster and assume that your orders have been lost somehow. Use a higher version number next time. Act in the same way if strange mail-errors occur.

If an email with orders contains $$$$$$$$$$ the email is ignored because Dunk thinks the email is sent out by Dunk itselves and something made it bounce. This will happen if you for example attach the turn report to your orders so do not do that.

3.3 How to read your kingdom report

Here is a short description of the parts of the report.

Your orders

First in the report, your orders are shown, and thereafter Dunk's interpretation of them. Some orders like build_mine gives more information in the report than in the auto-reply, but most commands look just the same.

Other happenings

Then a lot of reports about what has happen in your kingdom are listed. Sometimes you hear rumours here. Do not trust them to much...

Battle reports

Read more in 6.0 Battle.

Kingdom Status Report

First your diplomatic status and then all your technologies are listed. Provinces are listed in a compact way. 'T' stands for Terrain and the letters for the different terrains. The plague-column is only used if there is a plague in the province. Read more in 13.1 Pestilence.

The ASCII-map

The ASCII-map is not so beautiful but it can be good to look at if you for some reason can not use the GIF or Postscript maps. Every hex is described like this:

              PPP <- Province number PPP.
  owner NN--> NNt <- 't' = town, 'v' = village, otherwise ' '
Terrain T---> Tra <- armies: 'a' = only ours, 'e' = only foreign,
 'f'=forest    |             ' ' = none, 'b' = ours and foreign.
 'g'=grassland \--------\
 'l'=land               'r' = has roads, or is a water province.
 'm'=mountain           ' ' = needs a road if you want to export
 'w'=water                    through this province.

Dunkmaster speaks

In this section some news or something about nothing is written by Dunkmaster. This is seldom use nowadays.

Orders sheet

Last in your report there is an orders sheet that you can use to write your orders. Just copy it and change in it and add orders to it if you want.

Note that if you possess the technology "province_plunder" the plunder orders of armies in a province with a village, farm or warg_farm, the plunder order is commented out.

3.4 How to understand the GIF-map

Each type of terrain has one colour and maybe a texture.
Terrain     colour       texture
Forest      Dark green   Yes
Grassland   Light green  No
Land        Brown        Yes
Mountain    Grey         Yes
Water       Blue         No
The colour of the province number tells which race the province is populated by:
Race     colour
Ducks    White
Dwarves  Yellow
Elves    Light green
Humans   Blue
Orcs     Red

None     Black
Armies are drawn on the left side in each province, but only the first 4. If there are more, you have to read your turn report. Town_guards are however drawn above the town.

The structures village, town, mine (black hole...), irrigation (blue ribbons), roads, worm_factory, fishing_boats and warg_farm/stable (a white #), church, lumber_production (Green axe) are the only ones that are drawn.

The armies and borders of other kingdoms are drawn in their kingdom colour. This colour is often similar to the race colour described above. The colours are listed in the legend below the map.

Plague is drawn as a red cross. Towns with plague are drawn red (normally they are drawn white).

3.5 Mailing list

There is a mailinglist for discussions about the Dunk-rules. It can be mailed to at dunk1@onelist.com and joined at http://www.egroups.com/community/dunk1 (This used to be a onelist, but Onelist was bought by Egroups).

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