This is the English version of the still developing Play-By-Mail game Dunk. Dunk was a very simple game, but now it has grown more complex and there are many technologies that makes the game more interesting later in a campaign.

Right now Dunk is being play-tested as it has been since 1996. At http://www.xnetz.com/dunk/ you can apply for a campaign. Dunkmaster Hedda can be mailed at hedda@lysator.liu.se.

1.0 About these rules and Dunk

2.0 Introduction to Dunk

3.0 How to play Dunk

4.0 Orders

5.0 Sequence of actions

6.0 Battle

7.0 Economy

8.0 Technologies

9.0 About the map and the terrains

10.0 The races and type of leaders

11.0 Structures and armies

12.0 Diplomacy

13.0 Pestilence and other cosy things

14.0 Tables and formulas

15.0 Tactics and strategy

16.0 Examples

17.0 Dunk etiquette and winning

18.0 Change-log

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Last modified September 2013