The things that make Dunk possible

Pike The programming language that Dunk is written in. It is developed mostly by Fredrik Hübinette at Signum (now Cendio) and now at Idonex (Former Informationsvävarna). The Image module the maps are generated with is mainly developed by Mirar.
Redhat and Mandrake Linux Dunk only uses a lot of free software. Linux kernel, GNU-software, LaTeX and tetex stuff, MySQL and lots of other programs.
Roxen webserver The Dunk homepage is brought to you by two Roxens and one of them are extended with a special Dunk-module. Roxen is mostly written by Per Hedbor. Dunk uses version 2.0.
Elfwood Elfwood is the computer that Dunk ran on. It also hosts the greatest collection of amateur fantasy art in the world. Previously Dunk ran on Idonex and before that on IDA at Linköping's university. Dunk was moved to give me more freedom, it was never kicked out. A big thank to Thomas Abrahamsson that allows Dunk to run on Elfwood. Nowadays Dunk runs on Krill, a dedicated Dunk and PBM-server.
The gametesters All the people that have helped me finding bugs, having fun and coming with suggestions. In no particular order: Thomas Nilsson (Greywolf), Magnus Nilsson, Jan Sandorf, Fredrik_Redgård, Per Bohlin, Håkan Oswaldsson, Martin Dahl, Johan Höckne, Joachim Carlén, Erik Melkersson, Leif Stensson, Per Kärrman, Måns Engman and many more.
Competitors AEMP, FEFL, StarCluster. Of course they are not as great as Dunk...
TreW The very friendly company (Run by Magnus Nilsson), that hosted and redirected it to Elfwood.
Lysator Lysator is an academic computer society located at Linköping University. They provided the net-resources that Dunk used at Elfwood.
Other helpers Ture Pålsson helped me setting up the mail-system, Peter Bortas helped by setting up a secondary DNS-server for, Bernt Wallin drove Elfwood to its right place, Per Hedbor helped us with the installation of Elfwood, Fredrik Hübinette helped me with my first Pike-programming (µLPC-programming...) and a lot of people have very nice links to Dunk.
Ultra Ducks homepage Lets us all hail cool ducks!

Last Modified: September 2013

/ Henrik "Hedda" Wallin